Collecting, protecting, and using consumer identity data requires a new set of tools and technologies built for the mobile and social era.

Join us as Gigya’s Sergey Krayniy breaks down the differences between internal and external identity management, and reveals secrets to optimize your customer identity management strategy, including how to:

  • Manage today’s volume and variety of identity data
  • Achieve a single customer view across channels
  • Maintain data privacy and compliance
  • Turn identity
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This February, Gigya is hosting not one, but two webinars, each focusing on the evolution and impact of customer identity and featuring a special guest speaker.

February 11, 2015: Ten Customer Identity Predictions for 2015

Consumer demands for personalization, omni-channel experiences, and data transparency are causing businesses to reevaluate the way they manage customer identity data. Is your business prepared for Apple IDs to become the standard for consumer identity … Keep reading →

As the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wrapped up in Las Vegas earlier this month, one thing became abundantly clear: 2015 is going to be a big year for connected devices. From toothbrushes that can schedule check-ups with dentists to yoga mats that can analyze poses in real-time, 3,000+ companies launched more than 20,000 new products at CES this year.

Collectively referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT), this concept … Keep reading →