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Gigya interviewed for latest Forrester report on the future of the social web

Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang released a new report today entitled The Future of the Social Web: Portable IDs Catalyze A Power Shift To Consumers.  The report describes how technologies that help users bring their identities with them across the web are transforming marketing, eCommerce, CRM and advertising.  Owyang hypothesizes that the social web will enable consumers to base decisions on peers and empower them, together with their … Keep reading

Gigya Socialize Markup Language (GSML) released to offer shortcuts for integration

Gigya recently launched Gigya Socialize Markup Language (GSML), which offers developers a set of custom XHTML tags used for rendering user information and UI components in Gigya Socialize enabled sites.  GSML makes the integration of Gigya Socialize quick and easy by embedding HTML-like syntax and tags into your HTML pages.  Sample GSML tags include: connectButtons, friendSelector, loginButtons, name, and photo.

Check out to learn more.… Keep reading

New features and destination sites added to Wildfire

Now available:

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Executives from Gigya, Digital Media’s Leading Social Applications & Technologies Company, Speaking at some of the Most Respected Digital Events, Q2 2009

Gigya executives will appear on stage at four key conferences in the next three weeks.

On April 22, 2009, Ben Pashman, Gigya’s VP, Sales and Business Development, will participate at Ad: Tech in San Francisco, on the panel “The Next Frontier: Advertising in Applications,” with executives from Marvel Entertainment and Coca-Cola among other leaders in portable application … Keep reading

Gigya and Adobe collaborate to make developing, distributing and monetizing portable flash content easy

Gigya and Adobe presented Project Radiate at the iMedia Breakthrough Summit on March 21st 2009.  Project Radiate is a collaboration between the two companies that will make it
easier for publishers and advertisers to create, manage, distribute, and track their content across the web. 

In the first phase, Project Radiate will make Gigya’s Wildfire technology part of Adobe’s Flash, Flex, and Dreamweaver software, enabling developers to … Keep reading