Monthly Archives: April 2009

Gigya interviewed for latest Forrester report on the future of the social web

Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang released a new report today entitled The Future of the Social Web: Portable IDs Catalyze A Power Shift To Consumers.  The report describes how technologies that help users bring their identities with them across the web are transforming marketing, eCommerce, CRM and advertising. … Keep reading »

Gigya Socialize Markup Language (GSML) released to offer shortcuts for integration

Gigya recently launched Gigya Socialize Markup Language (GSML), which offers developers a set of custom XHTML tags used for rendering user information and UI components in Gigya Socialize enabled sites.  GSML makes the integration of Gigya Socialize quick and easy by embedding HTML-like syntax and tags into your HTML pages.  … Keep reading »

New features and destination sites added to Wildfire

Now available:

  • The option to post a widget directly to the Facebook newsfeed rather than to a Facebook profile page
  • The ability to add  custom destination buttons to the Wildfire share menu on your site
  • Automatic display of the social network to which a user last posted as the first choice on a subsequent widget grab
  • The option to display both post and bookmarking destinations in Wildfire’s default interface, rather than on separate tabs
  • The option for a user to select where to post a widget if they have more than one blog on WordPress or Blogger
  • Improved support for posting to WordPress
  • The creation of a new onCopy event when the “copy code” button is clicked in Wildfire
  • An expanded list of social bookmarking destinations including Eons and Buzzup