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Applying Social Technologies – Part 3

- Continued from 7/13/09


The services offered by social networks and web mail platforms are in many cases built on top of technology standards.  These standards include OpenID and OAuth.

OpenID is an open decentralized standard for user authentication and access control.  Publishers who accept OpenID allow users to login with that consistent digital identity.  Sites or companies that provide OpenIDs allow users to take their credentials from these sites and use … Keep reading

Turner Sports implements Gigya Socialize on,

We recently published a case study on our Socialize implementation with Turner Sports for the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The story was also covered by AdAge.  It was extremely rewarding to demonstrate the indisputable  value of providing users with not only social functionality, but with choice.

The Challenge: Engaging NBA Fans on Online
Sports fans are social. Whether they are watching a game at a stadium or a bar, fans … Keep reading

Applying Social Technologies – Part 2

Continued from 7/6/09

Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn grew by creating opportunities for people to recreate their offline personal networks through online tools.  Now they are making those networks more widely available to publishers – through Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, and Sign in with Twitter  –  to enable users to register, connect and socialize on sites outside of the social networks.  These social login services allow … Keep reading

Jeremiah Owyang on Gigya Socialize “Get Ready As Corporate Sites and Social Networks Start To Connect”

In his blog post today, Jeremiah Owyang comments on the situation, opportunity, challenges and solutions for brands looking to make their web presence more social.

He says:  “In a recent report titled the “Future of the Social Web” we found that we are entering the era of social colonization, every webpage and experience will be social–even if brands choose not to participate.  I spent … Keep reading

Gigya Launches Socialize Plugin for WordPress

In our continued effort to make it easy for sites to add social and authentication features, we’ve recently launched a Socialize plug-in for WordPress.
The new Social Plug-in enables WordPress sites to easily add multi-dimensional social and authentication functionality by providing a single point of access to Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Sign in with Twitter as well as OpenID providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL … Keep reading

Applying Social Technologies – Part 1

How publishers and advertisers can use Facebook Connect, MySpaceID, Sign in with Twitter and OpenID to Increase Registrations, Traffic and Engagement

Social networks and features, from Facebook and Twitter to activity feeds and status updates, have changed forever how consumers use the Web, challenging publishers and advertisers with “destination” websites to find ways to Keep reading