Monthly Archives: February 2010

The birth of Google Buzz

Facebook is growing faster and faster. It is not just a social network. It has become one of the largest Internet companies, posing a threat to the giants – Google, MSFT and Yahoo.  And they understand that. They understand that online communication more and more centers on the activity stream or feed. They understand that the social graph might become the most valuable data asset. They understand that they are behind.

Buzz – The end user perspective

Google made a bold move to begin building its market share in the stream arena.… Keep reading

SF Chronicle: Facebook directs more online users than Google

Reflecting what we’re seeing across many online industries, Benny Evangelista at the Chronicle wrote in yesterdays SF Chronicle about how Facebook and other Social Networks are sending more traffic to web portals than do the search engines.   And it’s not just the portals. Sites from to get the majority of their referral traffic from Social Networks. This is why one of our company mantras is “Social is the next Search.”

What we’re seeing now  is a bifurcation of social strategy into off-site activities (Facebook Page, conversation marketing, etc) and on-site activites (driving social participation and sharing from their own sites). … Keep reading

Join Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group and Gigya for Free Webinar 3/4/10 – Social is the Next Search: Is Your Site Ready? (#SITNS)

Is your site optimized for social participation?

Most companies are already aware that leveraging the power of social networks is critical – by now, many have set up Facebook pages or created other ‘off-site’ social programs.  However, these efforts leave half the potential of social networks untapped.  We’ve developed this webinar to bring you the industry trends that are behind this new imperative, and the specific steps online businesses can take to rebalance their social marketing by creating an effective ‘on-site’ social strategy.… Keep reading