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Entertainment Industry brings social login: Facebook Connect, Sign in with Twitter and more

Gigya’s CEO Dave Yovanno was recently published in Mashable, talking about how entertainment companies are adding social technologies like Facebook Connect, Sign in with Twitter, MySpaceID, Yahoo Open Strategy and others to their own sites to drive greater word of mouth.

Here’s an excerpt:

Now that most social networks are supporting functionality on third party sites — via Facebook Connect, Sign in with Twitter, Yahoo! Open Strategy, MySpaceID, and other similar technologies — entertainment companies are experimenting with a variety of approaches.

While movie promotions on Facebook, top sports moments on YouTube, and MySpace music pages remain key fixtures, many entertainment companies are also now actively focused on how to apply social strategies to their own sites to deepen relationships with fans and become more relevant. Here are four ways on-site social features are benefiting both fans and the entertainment industry today.

Takeaways and Q&A from 3/4/10 “Social is the Next Search” Webinar

We hosted a webinar last Thursday focused on the idea that websites can now apply the latest open social technologies – like Facebook Connect, Sign in with Twitter, those provided by Yahoo, LinkedIn and more – to their own sites to drive as much traffic as they get from SEO or SEM. David A. Yovanno, Gigya’s CEO was joined by respected industry analyst Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group and Social marketing guru Seth Greenberg of Intuit’s consumer Group.

Jeremiah started things off with the concept of companies “rebalancing” their social strategies.  Most companies have learned to meet their customers on social networks, creating Facebook fan pages and Twitter pages, or integrating basic sharing,  but only a few have made their own sites social in a way that truly takes advantage of the opportunity. Making the corporate site experience seamlessly connect to users’ social networks is the way things are moving.  According to Jeremiah “In the future, consumers will be challenged to differentiate between corporate sites and social networks” because “destinations won’t matter, social context will”.