Monthly Archives: November 2010

Notes from #WOMMA Summit – Social Dimensions, the new Social CRM

WOMMA Summit 2010 was interesting this year because it brought out so much breadth in social objectives and initiatives. Companies have really begun to put structure on social – both organizationally, as both Josh Bernoff and Jeremiah Owyang discussed, and demonstrated by USAA, Harrah’s, Verizon and Coca-Cola – and programmatically.  … Keep reading »

Making Direct Facebook API Calls Using REST

Gigya wraps the most popular social network APIs into a single API for your websites and mobile applications. As applications become more social, developers sometimes need to call a provider’s API directly in order to access information not exposed directly through our API.

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This week at the Internet Identity Workshop @IIW

It was an interesting several days of discussions at the IIW this week in Mountain View.  The event brought together individuals who have been passionate about driving user-centric identity for many years, as well as some of the newer players in the space who bring a more corporate perspective, trying to balance business model with user control.… Keep reading »