Monthly Archives: February 2011

Introducing Reactions – A New Way for People to Participate and Share

Our product team recently introduced a new plugin along with a number of features that should help developers continue to making their sites and mobile applications social. Here’s a quick rundown of the new additions (scroll to the bottom for the video version of this update):

New Reactions Plugin and Setup Wizard

The Gigya Reaction plugin allows users to “react” to content on a site and share this … Keep reading

LinkedIn Identity: Use is Growing on B2B sites around the web [Infographic]

When it comes to real, authentic identity in a business context, LinkedIn is a force to be reckoned with.

Based on data across our B2B clients, we’ve seen LinkedIn’s share of social login grow from 3% in July 2010 to 20% in January 2011.  We’re seeing increased adoption of social login on a wide range of B2B sites from financial news sites to industry organizations to software companies.… Keep reading

Implementing Simple Activity Feeds

One of the best ways to make your site social is to let users see what their friends have been doing on your site. It creates instant personalization and social context for users who login with identities like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google, etc. There are many ways to accomplish this using Gigya but here are two approaches to get you started:

1. Activity Feed Plugin

Our Activity Feed Plugin is one of our most popular … Keep reading