Monthly Archives: October 2011

Gigya Gamifies Pepsi SoundOff to Engage The X-Factor Fans

Pepsi, one of the largest consumer brands in the world, has been getting serious about social and about engaging its millions of loyal customers via social channels. Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce that Pepsi has launched a robust community platform powered by Gigya’s social technology that will allow fans of Fox’s “The X-Factor” to interact, compete and share with their friends and other fans. The platform, called Pepsi SoundOff, leverages … Keep reading

Why Social Matters for E-commerce

We’ve all been through situations where seemingly simple purchasing choices become confusing and overwhelming. The issue at hand is not indecisiveness but instead the reality of the new digital marketplace which has flooded consumers with countless new choices. For instance, think about how many times you’ve gone shopping for a laptop and felt inundated with products, brands, and models as you’ve browsed across different retail sites. As a retailer, you want to convert your site … Keep reading

New Report: More Tweets, More Traffic

Websites with a Tweet button receive seven times as many links as those that do not, according to a study BrightEdge released in September. With countless blogs and agencies dedicated to SEO, it’s important to remember that the main tenet of making a findable website is pretty simple:

Get people to link to it on other findable websites–like, say, social networks.

According to BrightEdge, the most successful online businesses get this point. A little … Keep reading