Monthly Archives: July 2012

Gigya Data: 22% of Comments and Reviews are Shared to Social Networks

Gigya has compiled new data showing that 22% of all comments left on Gigya’s Comments and Ratings & Reviews plugins are shared to social networks. That’s an astounding percentage of user-generated content getting shared directly to social networks and thus having a major impact on referral traffic to websites implementing Gigya’s social infrastructure technology. This also reveals how crucial it is for sites to have social networks hooks … Keep reading

Infographic: The Social Landscape Simplified for CMOs

Gigya CEO, Patrick Salyer, recently discussed his thoughts on the ever-changing and rapidly evolving social technology market in an article for Mashable. Below is Patrick’s article in addition to a helpful infographic that outlines the three types of social technologies CMO’s should consider when developing and executing their social strategies.

How to Choose the Right Social Marketing Platform

While much of the tech and financial world has been focused on Facebook’s … Keep reading