1. Anonymous · ·

    I work as Supervisor for a Portuguese Multinational Cash & Carry. All day I have complays and the ones that more complay are the ones who still come everyday!

  2. Thats makes you wonder what do those peolple want, i have the sameproblem, complain about food being salty but taking second and third servings

  3. Anonymous · ·

    Re: Passwords

    See http://xkcd.com/936/

  4. Anonymous · ·

    I hate those sites that offer something "free"  …. and then require your CREDIT CARD.

  5. Anonymous · ·

    Yahoo mail is the only site I really hate for years.
    Never was able to restore my password since restore password by alternative email is always disabled.
    The only option is to answer to the secret question which I do no remember
    so how I am supposed to answer to it? :(
    I tried but  then get baned for a few days if the answer isnt correct. 
    They never answer to any of my help request
    So F*** stupid Yahoo

  6. Anonymous · ·
    1) Get statistical data from about.com.
    Base article around it.
    2) Article about making feedback as straightforward as possible and minimizing the need for user credentials.
    Website won’t let you post unless you log in via a social network.
    Seems legit.