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3 Ways to Reach Today’s Incremental, Multi-Tasking Shoppers

This blog post was co-authored with our NEXUS partner, SapientNitro. SapientNitro is an interactive marketing, creative design, & technology services agency.

According to research by digital agency SapientNitro, today’s consumers shop in increments, moving seamlessly from one digital destination to the next and grabbing “snackable” bits of intel along the way to help inform their purchasing decisions.… Keep reading »

10 Quick Tips to Increase Basket Size

While retailers zero in on driving customer acquisition and celebrate as new orders roll in, they often overlook a goldmine left sitting in the shadows of order confirmation: average transaction value (ATV). ATV may not be a priority KPI for many retailers, but it is a forgotten opportunity to significantly impact revenue goals and maximize business value.… Keep reading »

Webinar: How Social Is Shaping the Future of Ecommerce

Modern consumers are sharing more personal information than ever before, and expecting more relevant user experiences in return. Social identity is increasingly shaping the e-tail landscape and quickly becoming the key to generating shopping cart conversions and lifetime customer value.… Keep reading »