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10 Stats Driving the Future of Social Commerce

Running an ecommerce business these days is no easy feat. With such a low barrier to entry, competition can be fierce, and your goals need to expand beyond simply getting consumers to make that purchase: You also need to gain their long-term trust and nurture their loyalty with personalized, relevant shopping experiences.

To help you stay one step ahead of the pack, we’ve compiled some stats that speak to the future of … Keep reading

Webinar Recording: Customer Identities Are a Whole Different Bunch

Long ago, companies recognized the importance of effectively managing employee identities, data and permissions to help streamline company processes and protect valuable business assets.

Over the past 5-10 years, the rise of ecommerce, social networks, mobile and connected devices has created the need for businesses to develop an external identity access management (IAM) strategy to keep up with the flood of identity data being created as consumers connect across channels. Unprepared … Keep reading

How to Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy with Data

This blog post was co-authored with Kate Lowry, Channel & Customer Marketing Manager at Listrak. Listrak provides retailers access to shopper insights that enable them to power dynamic, omni-channel campaigns.

Trying to reach your customers through email can often times feel like shouting into a deep, dark well. Your message is loud and clear, yet it’s impossible to guess who’s at the receiving end or if anyone is even listening to … Keep reading

Beyond The Purchase Funnel: How to Foster Customer Retention

Retaining a large, loyal customer base is essentially the equivalent of achieving jedi master status in the ecommerce world. The businesses that actually have it right are far, few, and notorious for their dominance in the space — Amazon, Zappos.com, and Apple might be some companies that come to mind for most.

To help businesses gain a better understanding of what goes into an effective marketing strategy that breeds loyalty, we’ll … Keep reading