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Fostering Authentic Consumer Relationships: 3 “E’s” Every Luxury Brand Should Know

Picture this: a consumer who is in the market for a new purse walks into her local retailer and is faced with two choices – a $500 Coach bag and a $50 unbranded purse. While quality or design may very well be the deciding factor, most people will agree that it would be easier for her to choose the $50 bag.… Keep reading »

Guest Post: Ignore at Your Own Peril: Social Media’s Influence on SEO, eCommerce, and Advertising

Today we’re proud to feature guest blogger Michael Bird, Director of Digital Strategy at Social Garden. In this post, Michael delves into social media’s impact on SEO, social commerce, and advertising.

Social media is not only here to stay, it is literally changing the web as we know it.… Keep reading »

4 Ways to Improve Shopping Cart Conversions with Social Infrastructure

We’ve all done it: you fill our virtual shopping cart to the brim with goodies, only to come face to face with the payment details page and…poof! You’re gone. To put it in perspective, major analyst studies conducted over the past 7 years have recorded an accumulative average shopping cart abandonment rate of over 67% (Baymard).… Keep reading »